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AI-Powered Social Media Intelligence for Brands

Industry leading intelligence for Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube.

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What intelligence does Tensor offer?

Tensor was founded by marketing veterans and data science experts. We have the data you need to close deals, report, and strategize properly.


Filter from over 220M+ Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube; segmenting by age, gender, or audience ethnicity.


Filter from over 220M+ Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube; segmenting by country, state/province, or city.


Using our proprietary 13-point behavioral signature system, we can match your brand with the perfect influencer / audience.

Audit and Social Ranking

Stay defensive with your influencers and audit their social rank, fake followers, and paid post performance.

Notable and Lookalike Audiences

Find your most committed followers, verified followers, and accounts with similar audiences with Tensor's proprietary lookalike audience insights.

Story Analytics

Introducing the only story analysis tool on the planet: Tensor Social. View estimated analytics like impressions and swipe ups on over 220M+ accounts.

What solutions does Tensor offer?

From discovery to reporting, we have what you need to run successful data-driven social media marketing campaigns for your brand or agency.


Search from over 220M+ influencers in our data. You can filter our database by geographic, demographic, psychographic, or performance data.

Perform actions like "Find female gamer influencers whose audience is comprised of over 65%+ female, over 80%+ have affinity for Marvel, and has a public email address."

Tracking and Reports

Tensor Reports allow you to view granular insights about influencers and their audiences down to the individual follower. Over 50 metrics. See it in action by getting your first report free.

Gather insights like "How many exact followers live in Los Angeles who like Gucci, drive BMWs, and how many of those followers are between the ages of 18-24."

Monitoring and Research

Capture conversations in real time. Apply filters like hashtags, location, mentions, and more to find relevant conversations about your brand or topic of your choice.

Monitor behavior like "Enter any TikTok song url and export all the top trending female influencers from the US who have used that song in the last 30 days."

Tensor Use Cases

People from a number of backgrounds have used our social media intelligence successfully.

For Marketers

Discover and analyze over 150M+ social profiles for your digital marketing campaign.

For Researchers

Unlock key data points like "Gen Z culture prefers Marvel over DC 3:2"

For Lawyers

Tap into billions of conversations from the past and present to help build your case for intellectual property infringement or defense.

For Journalists

Capture relevant and empirical insights into ongoing trends in your category.

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What are current Tensor customers saying?

Hear from industry professionals on how and why they use Tensor.

"Tensor is the little secret that everyone in social media manager should know about. There are 2 main reasons to use it. If you want an influencer’s true engagement, you need Tensor. And, if you want to identify key audiences for your niche with surgical precision you need Tensor. Best platform we’ve used in a long time."

Omar Sayyed