Top Atlanta Influencers

There is a sea of reliable Atlanta influencers guiding us through all the city has to offer and many more valuable insights.

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July 25, 2022

Atlanta is the most heavily forested urban area in the country, boasts the nation's busiest airport, it’s where the world’s most famous soda was founded, has the world’s largest and busiest drive-in restaurant, and at one time was the only United States city with a major league sports team from every sport. And fortunate for us, there is a sea of reliable Atlanta influencers calling the city home and guiding us through all the city has to offer and many more valuable insights.

As we highlight a handful of the top Atlanta influencers here, we are reminded of the power an influencer has in the world of marketing. With the ability to connect at a deep and personal level with their followers, influencers are at the heart of modern marketing techniques.

According to a survey done by Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Report that surveyed more than 28,000 respondents around the globe, 92 percent of consumers say they trust recommendations from others they have relationships with over any other kind of advertising. Forbes reported that with influencer marketing content the return on investment can be up to 11 times better than traditional marketing strategies.

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1. Jake Holland

  • Followers: 807K
  • Average views: 21.5K
  • Engagement rate: 16.52%
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A graduate of Liberty University, Holland originally got fame on Vine and Twitter posting humorous videos around relatable topics like music, cartoons, collectibles, and other topics that he labels as “geek” stuff.

On his TikTok feed, you will find reviews ranging everywhere from his favorite pizza to toys and from video games to music. He knows how to put a funny twist on everything. You are sure to see some of his beard-themed merch around Atlanta as he inspires everyone to stay in touch with their inner kid.

2. Erica Key

  • Followers: 40.5K
  • Average likes: 202
  • Engagement rate: 0.58%

This Atlanta influencer has a real passion for the Atlanta food scene. She is an award-winning food blogger and has been featured on Good Morning America, Draper James, Bath & Body Works, Ciroc Vodka, Samsung, Lexus, and several other places.

Key is a Georgia native based in Atlanta, but visits restaurants all over the southeastern part of the country and shares her dining experiences, interviews with chefs, and creative recipes you can do on your own too. She has a real knack for taking her followers behind the scenes of the complete dining experience. She is a trusted source of tips and brand advice for her very loyal following.

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3. Ellarie Noel

  • Followers: 1.1M
  • Average likes: 6.9K
  • Engagement rate: 0.61%

Self-described as a “mommapreneur”, Noel is an Atlanta influencer with a master’s degree in marketing and is now a full-time mother and beauty influencer. She began as a freelance makeup artist, but soon realized that she didn’t want to do makeup for others. Rather, she enjoyed doing her own makeup and being creative with it.

Her daughter is her co-star, and they do each other’s hair and makeup regularly on her social media feed. One of her passions is teaching her followers the importance of balancing their work with their family, or how to combine the two at times.

Noel has strong convictions about being yourself and valuing your authenticity. She shares tips and advice for everyone to not only succeed with their own style and makeup, but how to lean into the aspects of it that bring you the most joy.

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4. Rasheeda Frost

  • Followers: 11.5M
  • Average likes: 11.9K
  • Engagement rate: 0.11%

Rasheeda Frost is a shoo-in as a top Atlanta influencer. She embodies the city and looks to balance life as a mother with the many other hats she wears. Frost is a hip hop artist, fashion boutique CEO, reality star, and fitness professional. And if that wasn’t enough, she loves to cook and shares that with her followers too.

After coming to prominence as part of a local Atlanta hip hop group, she started a solo career, releasing 6 albums, acting, and founding Poiz Cosmetics. Frost is very authentic in the blend of family and business that she shows on her Instagram feed, where she also gives lifestyle advice and fitness tips, and regularly promotes brands that she trusts to her following.

Wrap Up

The city of Atlanta has a rich and unique vibe that these Atlanta influencers are very proud to represent. As connection and authenticity become such a big part of the new celebrity culture, these influencers are perfectly placed to partner with brands as they look to bring more and more value to their followers.

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Blog by Philip Murray