Best Minecraft YouTubers

Minecraft is the most popular game featured on YouTube, and we’re going to look at who the best Minecraft YouTubers are.

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July 13, 2022

Ever since its release, Minecraft has been solidly on the top of the heap when it comes to most played video games. On a list published by NewZoo, Minecraft sits at number two amongst the most played pc games, behind only Fortnite. However, when it comes to YouTube, Minecraft takes the lead. With an overall view count of over 53 billion, Minecraft is the most popular game featured on YouTube, and we’re going to look at who the best Minecraft YouTubers are.

What exactly is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a 3-D game set in a fictional land where users can build structures, mine for resources, battle computer-generated foes, and even work together with other users to pool resources and build extravagant structures. This Lego-type building adventure game has been an obsession for millions of players.

As players work to survive against the game’s monsters (zombies, skeletons, and the like), they act out their imaginations. Kids and adults have both fallen in love with how unstructured it can be. There are some rules, but they are largely enforced by the community. Players have a lot of freedom to do as they please and explore, build, seek out enemies to fight, or whatever feeds their creative minds.

The primary appeal of the game is just that: the freedom felt by the players. There are some rules but not many, and the ones that do exist can be bent and manipulated to a degree. Minecraft has been praised for its ability to take the focus away from violence and foster creative learning and imagination as its users can accomplish goals in many ways.

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1. DanTDM

  • Subscribers: 26.1M
  • Engagement rate: 3.44%

Daniel Robert Middleton is an extremely well-known gamer, and while he covers several games, he is easily one of the best Minecraft YouTubers. He plays Minecraft in all his most popular videos, and he has even reached billions in overall views on his channel. Some other channels that he manages are worth checking out too, like DanTMD Live and DanTMD Shorts.

2. Dream

  • Subscribers: 29.2M
  • Engagement rate: 5.06%

Dream has never revealed his face and maintains his persona through a stick figure/smiley face image that he uses whenever needed. He has gained popularity through his signature ‘speed runs’ through Minecraft, which are timed play throughs completing a portion of the game and then submitted against other users' times. Dream also hosts and competes in one of the biggest SMP (survival multiplayer) with many other celebrities and professional gamers.

3. Ssundee

  • Subscribers: 20.6M
  • Engagement rate: 5.65%

Ian Stapleton, or Ssundee as he goes by within the online gaming community, has been uploading Minecraft videos since shortly after the game was released. His specialty is testing and reviewing MODs. MODs are modifications that can be created or bought allowing the user to change something about the game, speed, appearance, map extensions, and other things of that nature.

4. StampyLonghead

  • Subscribers: 10.6M
  • Engagement rate: 4.10%

Next on our list of the best Minecraft YouTubers is Joseph Garrett. Truly a Minecraft star, Garrett has written two children’s books based on his Minecraft alias, Stampy Cat. He is very focused on being family-friendly and bringing the fun and educational elements of the game to the surface where his younger audience can gain benefits. Garrett has also been working on an educational, scripted YouTube show in conjunction with Disney’s digital network, Maker Studios.

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5. LDShadowLady

  • Subscribers: 6.83M
  • Engagement rate: 4.92%

Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ D operates her Minecraft channel largely within the ‘Afterlife SMP’ (survivor multiplayer). This is a modified online Minecraft server where, upon joining, users are given a random origin and 10 lives. Each time they die, they are regenerated with a new origin. This fun mod has been made popular by Lizzie D as she has showcased her Minecraft story on the channel along with her vlog where she provides a window into her personal life. She can even be seen playing the game with her husband, SmallishBeans, another one of the best Minecraft YouTubers worth checking out.

6. PrestonPlayz

  • Subscribers: 12.7M
  • Engagement rate: 2.73%

The last of the best Minecraft YouTubers discussed on this list is Preston Blaine Arsement and his channel PrestonPlayz. Preston has a lighthearted channel where his friends are regularly featured, some of which are other YouTube gamers like MrWoofless and Bajan Canadian. He runs other channels where he posts non Minecraft games and vlogs, but this channel is his most popular and features his Minecraft content.

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Wrap Up

Minecraft is one of the biggest games online gaining new members every day. The game of Minecraft is so freeing and so customizable that players rarely get bored. This makes for an awesome community where new ideas and new users of any age are welcome.

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