Top Family YouTube Channels

Family YouTube channels rake in millions of views and high levels of engagement through their typically brand-friendly content.

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August 29, 2022

The rise of family YouTube channels have effectively defined their spot on the platform, raking in millions of views and high levels of engagement through their typically brand-friendly content. The holy trinity of a family YouTube channel includes a gorgeous partner, adorable children, and a cute puppy, all of which are found in the following list of top 5 family YouTube channels.

Their content heavily revolves around their day-to-day lives, be it vlogging trips to the park, birthday parties, or pranks within the family. The intrigue lies within the endearing and happy lives on screen, giving audiences a sneak peek into the lives and loves of their favorite family influencers.

1. ACE Family

  • 18.8 million subscribers
  • 4.5 billion views
  • 16% engagement rate

The ACE family began when new parents Austin and Catherine shared life with their daughter Elle. Their first YouTube video as a family, a fan Q&A, was posted in 2016 garnering nearly 13 million views to date.

They started out playing into the trends of YouTube, gaining a lot of attention through their couple prank challenges. Yet, it wasn’t until their iconic proposal video that their channel shot into the forefront of YouTube stardom. In the video, Austin proposes to Catherine after skydiving. It received a whopping 40 million views and is their most viewed video ever.

Since then, they have welcomed their daughter Alaia and son Steel, creating new intro music videos to include the growing family.

2. Roman Atwood Vlogs

  • 15.5 million subscribers
  • 5.4 billion views
  • .15% engagement rate

Roman Atwood began his vlogging journey in 2013. It eventually transformed into a vlogging channel with his wife and 4 kids. One of his most viewed videos is also a part of his YouTube original series with over 52 million views.

His success carries on to his other 3 channels, but the RomanAtwoodVlogs still boasts the most subscribers. Since his early days on the platform, Atwood has received consistent metrics, reaching over a million views per video. This channel differs from the Ace Family or the Prince Family style videos as it isn’t as highly produced but is more intimate in style.

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3. LaBrant Family

  • 13.1 million subscribers
  • 4.6 billion views
  • 7.8% engagement rate

The LaBrant Family began with young and single Cole LaBrant. His promposal to Selena Gomez received over 5 million views on the LaBrant Family channel and garnered enough attention to sustain his growing popularity. In 2016, Cole posted the first video with his future wife, Savannah. A year later they tied the knot with a video that brought in nearly 50 million views.  

However, their highest-viewed video, with over 100 million views in 2017, is all about their daughter Everleigh. Since then the LaBrant family has built a consistent fan base by creating videos surrounding their family life as Christians.

In April 2022, the LaBrant family released a controversial and opinionated documentary titled "Abortion" on their YouTube channel. It received 4.4 million views and led them to trend on Twitter. Despite it all, the channel still receives over hundreds of thousands of views for every video.

4. Family Fun Pack

  • 9.9 million subscribers
  • 14.7 billion views
  • 0.02% engagement rate

The oldest of the family YouTube channels on this list, mother Kristine, husband Matt, and their 6 children rake in the most views of all the accounts listed.

The Family Fun Pack began when Kristine began documenting her family on YouTube in 2011. The first video reached 129 million views. Their most viewed video, however, is “Kids 72 Costume Runway Show” with over 660 million views of their kids modeling various Halloween outfits.

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5. The Prince Family

  • 9.2 million subscribers
  • 2.3 billion views
  • 0.89% engagement Rate

The Prince Family consists of Damien and Biannca and their 4 children. Beginning in 2016, the Prince Family posts various, highly-viewed prank videos and clickbait thumbnails. Similar to the ACE Family, the channel also has intro music showcasing each of the family members.

Their most viewed video doing a mystery wheel challenge boasts over 22 million views and began a series on their channel. Their most viewed video as a family, however, is a YouTube short titled, “SPIDER PRANK ON THE PRINCE FAMILY #Shorts” with over 16 million views.

The Prince Family has received criticisms from the internet due to their lavishly unrealistic pranks which some creators deemed “cringe-worthy”. Still, the Prince Family continues to rack in millions of views with every upload.

Like many family YouTube channels, these top creators depend on wholesome content, shock factor, and cute kids to keep fans entertained. The dynamic of a channel showcasing your family can be problematic, but the view counts rank in the millions for each of these family YouTube channels, so something about the intrigue works.

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Blog by Victoria Huynh