Top Fashion Influencers in Atlanta 

Love fashion and want to follow some new influencers on Instagram? Check out our list of top fashion influencers in Atlanta.

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November 17, 2022

Atlanta's history is now depicted by a fiery phoenix after the city was rebuilt from the fiery ashes of the American Civil War. A city that was decimated and rebuilt has birthed a city full of creative minds and hardworking people, and the beauty of Atlanta radiates off the city’s well-known fashion influencers. If you love fashion and want to follow some new influencers on Instagram, check out our list of top fashion influencers in Atlanta.

1. Coco Bassey

First up on our list of influencers, we have Coco Bassey! Bassey is a Nigerian native that grew up in Canada, the Czech Republic, Nigeria, Germany, and the United States. Nowadays, Coco is based in New York City, New York and Atlanta, Georgia. Bassey founded the fashion blog Millennielle, which consists of posts about trendy fashion, makeup, skincare tips, travel, and lifestyle advice.

Bassey’s most popular post was uploaded just a few months ago on August 15th, but it’s safe to say that a majority of her Instagram posts have a similar number of engagements. In the post, Bassey shows off her minimalist black dress and stylish new purse by Reformation, alongside her adorable dog. Bassey’s sponsored post received almost 20k likes and 50 comments.

Bassey’s account has a 5.88% engagement rate, trending upward since May and gaining over 2k followers in October alone. The majority of Bassey’s audience is women, and the majority of her followers overall are between the ages of 25 and 34. Nearly 60% of her audience lives in America, and 81.33% of them speak English as their primary language.

2. Sarah Wisted

Have you ever heard the saying, “bigger isn’t always better”? You probably know that smaller influencers have incredible reach, original content, and loyal audiences that love the niche they’re a part of. Next up on our list of top fashion influencers in Atlanta is Sarah Wisted.

Wisted is known for her minimalist lifestyle, showing how stylish and trendy minimalist clothing and decor can be. Wisted is a mother that runs her own fashion blog at SarahWisted and frequently posts videos on her YouTube channel. Want to support smaller influencers? Sarah Wisted is your girl.

Wisted’s most popular Instagram post was uploaded on April 14th of this year. The video is a color palette breakdown of her house interior as the camera pans across various rooms. Wisted’s house is complimented with neutral colors like white, gray, and black, a simple but classy touch to any minimalist home. Her post accumulated about 3,000 likes and nearly 50 comments, which is impressive for the 17.9k followers she has.

Wisted has a 2.49% engagement rate on her Instagram, and her account has been gaining followers these past few months. While her platform is rather small, her fans adore minimalism, and that makes her engagement higher than most Instagram influencers. 80.65% of her audience is women, over half of whom are 25-34 years old, but she also attracts lots of fans between 18 and 44. 76.98% of her audience lives in the United States. Likewise, nearly 90% of her audience speaks English.

3. Robin LaMonte

Robin LaMonte is on our list of top fashion influencers in Atlanta because she showcases an ageless style. LaMonte is the CEO of Influencers of Midlife Women, a magazine made for women over 40, and Rooms Revamped Interior Design, a business that specializes in creating interior designs for living and comfort. LaMonte’s platform is meant to empower older women with trendy fashion and self-care tips.

LaMonte also uses her platform to discusses the importance of hiring adults with disabilities and recognizing their ability (not disability) in the workforce. She posts  pictures and videos of her daughter Sammy working at Atlanta’s Country Club and shares praise for her daughter as well.

LaMonte recently hit 100k followers on Instagram with a 2.28% engagement rate. LaMonte’s profile has seen healthy growth since May, growing from 88,882 followers to 100,580 followers during the latter half of 2022. LaMonte’s audience is very balanced both in gender and age group; 53.10% of her fans are men while 46.90% are women. A majority of LaMonte’s audience is between 25-34, but the second highest age group is followers between the ages of 45-64. The top three countries her audience lives in are the United States (25.99%), Brazil (17.00%), and India (8.06%), and over 53% of her fans speak English.

5. Sharron Clear

Another well-known fashion influencer in Atlanta is Sharron Clear. Originally a college professor, Clear is now a full-time fashion and lifestyle influencer, published author, and mother. Similar to LaMonte’s ageless lifestyle, Clear’s platform is advertised to help “women look & feel FABULOUS at any age.” Clear frequently posts vibrant outfits for a variety of occasions to help you look your best anywhere you go.

Clear’s most popular post was uploaded on August 27th (Clear’s birthday). The post is a quick montage of Clear’s photoshoot on her birthday, featuring her birthday fit: a long sparkly shirt that says “it’s my birthday.” Her black shirt is complimented with lace nylons and matte black heels. In the description of the post, Clear expresses her gratitude for having a great family, friends, health, life, and faith. The post garnered over 16k likes and 686 comments.

Clear’s engagement rate is 1.47% – exceptional for the size of her platform; Clear’s October follower count is over 200k, up from July’s count of 182,928. 72.98% of Clear’s fans are women, and 27.02% are men. 31.32% of her audience are women between 25-34 years old, and 29.14% are women between 18 and 24. Clear attracts fans from the United States (34.28%), Brazil (9.98%), and the Philippines (5.87%). The three most spoken languages among her fans are English (59.02%), Spanish (18.39%), and Portuguese (10.28%).

6. Mattie James

Last but certainly not least on our fashion influencers in Atlanta list is the stunning Mattie James. James was formerly Miss Liberia USA, but now, she’s a mother of three children, a published author, a “lifestyle expert”, and a fashionista. James also appeared in GMA3, Forbes, and Essence. James primarily posts lifestyle tips, cooking videos, her everyday outfits, and updates on her children.

James has an engagement rate of 1.29%, and although hers is the lowest on the list, this number is still average for her platform size. James has also seen follower growth, but her average likes per post have skyrocketed by nearly 35% in October alone. A vast majority of her audience is women (86.24%), and the remaining 13.76% are men. An astonishing 49.7% of her fans are women between the ages of 25 and 34. 81.31% of her fans live in the United States, and over 95% of them speak English.

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Blog by Brianna Borik