The Fastest Growing Beauty Influencers on TikTok

From editorial to ethereal makeup looks, here is a list of the fastest growing beauty influencers on TikTok.

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January 24, 2023

Finding beauty throughout life is an incredibly important task. Beauty can turn something bland into something exquisite, just because of how powerful it is. Figuring out what type of beauty fulfills you the most is a difficult task but thanks to the help of the internet, it has become a whole lot easier in recent years, and the fastest growing beauty influencers on TikTok prove that beauty is everywhere.

Beauty influencers are well-known social media creators that make content based on a certain niche: skincare, haircare, makeup, styling, etc. Beauty influencers have become a game-changer for brands looking to market their products to a specific audience. Partnering with social media influencers has proven to be an extremely effective way to increase engagements and drive conversions to the brands sponsoring them.

TikTok has quickly risen as one of the most influential social platforms for creators to engage in brand partnerships. Located in over 150 countries with about 3.5 billion installations, TikTok holds an enormous audience of diverse users who possess every hobby, interest, and trait imaginable. Here are some of the fastest growing beauty influencers on TikTok!

1. Yandra Costa

  • @euyandracosta

Yandra, one of the fastest growing beauty influencers on TikTok, is a Brazilian creator who posts beauty, lifestyle and dance content. Her beauty and talent shine through her explosive dance videos and other content forms such as “get ready with mes” and other popular TikTok trends.

She holds an engagement rate of 3.17% between her over 2M followers. Her average views and likes are both up almost 25% this month, showing her increasing popularity on the app. Her followers are a good mix of both women and men, with both maintaining about 50% of her audience. Almost 60% of her following lies between the ages of 18 to 24 years old. The vast majority of her followers are located in Brazil, with almost 92% of them being Brazilian and about 88% of them speaking Portuguese. She also holds some influence in other spanish-speaking countries such as Paraguay and Libya.

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2. Sunny Dahye

  • @sunnydahye_
@sunnydahye_ Ternyata bikin trend ini tidak gampang 😱 #beauty #makeup #fyp credit: @thenickluciano ♬ original sound - Sunny Dahye

Currently located in South Korea, Sunny truly does it all, producing beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content of all sorts. Just some of her videos include food reviews, mall vlogs, makeup tips, and funny fashion skits. Clearly, she reaches a diverse audience with her plentiful array of content-types. Sunny’s bubbly personality coupled with her beauty and creativity lands her a spot as one of the fastest growing beauty influencers on TikTok!

At about 958K followers, Sunny holds an impressive engagement rate of 7.29%. Her average views and likes are up by over 5% in the past month. Over 75% of her followers are female and about 62% of her total following is between the ages of 18-24. Her largest fan base comes from Indonesia, making up over 87% of her followers, thus almost 80% of her followers speak Indonesian. Sunny also has an about 15% fanbase of English-speakers.

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3. Camila Langley

  • @camila.langley

Camila Langley is an inspiring beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencer, helping her followers feel comfortable in their own skin. Her content includes get ready with mes, outfit/ beauty inspo, skincare routines, and so much more. Throughout a lot of her videos, Camila shares details about her personal life, commenting on balancing life as a mother, body positivity, and other important topics. Her content style is incredibly aesthetically pleasing, and combined with her radiant positivity, it’s hard not to scroll through her page for hours!

I’m clearly not the only one loving Camila’s content because she’s quickly becoming one of the fastest growing beauty influencers on TikTok! At 403.6K followers, Camila holds 0.53% engagement rate. Her average views are up almost 25% this month and her average likes are up by about 37%! She has an overwhelmingly female audience of 96.8%, with the majority of them (75%) being women between the ages of 18-34 years old. About 98% of her following are english- speaking, with about 87% of them being located in the United States!

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4. Malak

  • @eicoc

Next on our list of fastest growing beauty influencers on TikTok is Malak. Malak is a Saudi Arabian influencer who produces content all about her luxurious lifestyle. Whether it be black-tie events she’s attending, flights she’s catching, or work trips she’s embarking on, Malak is guaranteed to look good while doing it. Malak emphasizes treating yourself and the importance of self care by highlighting how makeup, fashion, skincare, and haircare keep her feeling her best.

Malak holds about 371K followers with a 2.15% engagement rate from her followers. Her following was up a whopping 55.8% in the past month. About 67% of her followers are female, with the remaining 33% being male. The vast majority (about 43%) of her following are female users between the ages of 18-24. Being that she’s based in Saudi Arabia herself, that same demographic prevails on her following list, with over 85% being located there and about 75% being Arabic-speakers.

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5. Steph Flockhart

  • @stephflockhart
@stephflockhart One thing you can start with today is to always make sure to avoid caffeine before food in the morning🪄 #transformation #cortisol #healthylifestyle ♬ original sound - Kaya💕

Last but certainly not least on our list of fastest growing beauty influencers on TikTok is the one and only, Steph Flockhart. Based in New York, Steph takes style, grace, and beauty to an elevated level. Her content makes me personally envious of her calming lifestyle, reflected by her emphasis on taking the time to care and heal yourself. If you’re looking for someone to inspire you to start prioritizing yourself, Steph is definitely your girl!

Holding over 366K followers, Steph maintains an incredibly impressive engagement rate of 31.26%! Obviously, her followers are loving her content, and especially in the last few weeks with her average likes being up over 93% and her average views being up almost 64%. Steph has a majority of female followers, about 92%, and most of her followers, over 70%, are between the ages of 18 and 34. She holds a very ethnically diverse audience. The majority (78.5%) are english-speaking with about 38% of them being American. She also holds a following in the UK (7.19%) and the Philippines (4.90%).

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Beauty influencers have exploded since the creation of TikTok, and there are no signs that it will be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, influencer marketing on TikTok seems to only continuously grow as time goes on! The success of influencer marketing can be seen in thousands of different brand campaigns. The future of marketing lies in the hands of the creatives that are leading social media platforms; these fastest growing beauty influencers on TikTok are making their mark on the industry!

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Blog by Katie Hale