Best Food Instagram Accounts

Food Instagram accounts inspire and teach you to make every interaction with food in your life an experience.

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October 4, 2022

We are all seeking experiences in life. Sometimes you have the opportunity to jump out of an airplane, travel to exotic locales, or maybe even meet a movie star! But let’s be honest, those types of things don’t come around regularly. Do you know what comes around regularly? Food. When looking at the best food Instagram accounts it becomes apparent that food is most certainly an experience of its own. Checking out a new restaurant, trying a new dish, eating with friends, cooking a meal, there are so many aspects of food that can create positive memories and expand our worldview.

The many food Instagram accounts out there will teach you how and inspire you to make each interaction you have with food an experience of your own. From mouth-watering pictures to restaurant recommendations and recipe tutorials, you will be guided through an exciting new way to look at your dinner each and every day.

Defining The Food Experience

Tasting a delicious bite is not the only thing contributing to the food experience. The more components you learn to appreciate, the more you will get out of your meals.

Food may come from a local farm or be imported across thousands of miles of ocean, there are so many interesting stories and processes to learn about where your food comes from. You might be making a shopping list and gathering the ingredients yourself or asking a server for some recommendations.

And that only leads up to the tastes you will enjoy and the company you will share when sitting down for that meal.

No matter the details, the core of an experience is to partake in stimulating and memorable events. Like so many things in life, taking the time to appreciate all the details that make up a result - such as a plate of delicious cuisine shared with friends - lends to a greater experience.

Where do food Instagram accounts come in?

This is where our favorite foodies come in. They encourage us to try new things, peel back the curtain to learn about how our food is made and the people who bring it together, and teach us how to make something as common as our meals into a memorable food experience.

Let’s dive in and talk about some of the best Instagram food accounts that will improve your food experience!

TikTok is another great place to get foodie inspiration, check out some of those accounts here.

1. @cookistwow

  • Followers: 5.2M
  • Engagement rate: 0.87%
  • Average likes: 45.1K

Cookistwow is an Instagram account that gives new and easy recipes to spice up your kitchen for breakfast, dinner, appetizers, and dessert. They make it easy to try new things by always sharing the ingredients and posting videos to show you how to make recipes come to life.

They even have a blog where you can read fun stories involving food, from what the Queen of England was serving to Katy Perry throwing pizza slices into her crowd. Their followers learn fun facts such as where food names come from, and they will show you why you don’t have to decide between vanilla and chocolate.

2. @foodyeating

  • Followers: 3M
  • Engagement rate: 0.33%
  • Average likes: 9.7K

Find new recipes and tricks to bring more flavor and fun into your kitchen. Foodyeating is a reliable food Instagram account that you can come back to again and again for simple tips that help you keep things fresh.

Followers of this food Instagram account will know exactly what a watermelon pizza experience looks like or what to do with their about-to-expire-yogurt.

Here are some TikTok chefs to check out for more foodie content.

3. @igmeals

  • Followers: 1.8M
  • Engagement rate: 0.65%
  • Average likes: 11.5K

If your goal is to keep your experience healthy and delicious at the same time, igmeals is for you. On their Instagram, igmeals covers everything from camping cuisine to the history of making coffee and some tips like how to make healthy tomato paste at home in just a couple steps.

They have a back-to-school food series, make your own ingredients series, and several ice cream desserts. Everything they do focuses on keeping meal time healthy and simple while prioritizing fun.

4. @nick.digiovanni

  • Followers: 1.4M
  • Engagement rate: 5.61%
  • Average likes: 79.2K

Nick DiGiovanni is a chef who has several accolades to his name; he is a Harvard graduate, MasterChef finalist, named to Forbes 30 under 30 list, and operates one of the best food Instagram accounts on the planet.

He is helpful, entertaining, and knows how to make any food the center of an experience. Constantly trying new things and sharing with his following (like burnt toast flavored butter, for instance), DiGiovanni teaches you how to have fun in the kitchen and remove the limits on experimentation. Sharing snacks from around the world, breaking Guinness World Records, and making dog food, DiGiovanni really covers everything and inspires his followers.

These are just a few of the food Instagram accounts worth checking out, but they are solid choices to inspire and teach you how to make every interaction with food in your life an experience and make memories.

We have food every day, but have you considered how much more fun it can be? These accounts strive to show it.

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Blog by Philip Murray