Top Instagram Fashion Influencers

From Gen Z teens to Millennial mothers, here are our top Instagram fashion influencers.

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August 16, 2022

Posts and Reels and Stories - oh my! - Instagram fashion influencers everywhere are sharing details of their lives with the entire world. Instagram has always been a place to share the latest news, gossip, recipes, and, of course, the latest fashion. But with so many influencers on so many platforms how do you filter it down to what you want to see?

Luckily we’ve got you! From Gen Z teens to Millennial mothers, here are our top Instagram fashion influencers.

1. Emma Chamberlain

We all know Emma as YouTube’s “It Girl” - she’s our number one iconic Gen Z creator.

After rising to fame for her vlogs about solo road tripping across California at age 16, Emma has gone on to become an influence in the fashion world, partnering with brands such as Louis Vuitton and attending prestigious events, including Paris Fashion Week and the Met Gala. Recently, she was the “digital cover star” of V Magazine, sporting neon eyeshadow and a brightly patterned fit, with her classic platinum-blonde hair perfectly slicked back (Draco Malfoy chic, might I say?).

In this fit, how could we not put her on our list of top Instagram fashion influencers?

When she’s not partnering with well-known fashion brands, she’s working on her next vlog or podcast episode (Anything Goes by Emma Chamberlain) or acting as the CEO of her coffee company (Chamberlain Coffee).

86.36% of Emma’s audience is female with 50.98% of her audience between the ages of 18 and 24. Emma’s account is on a slight downward trend, with an engagement rate of 8.45%, but we know that our YouTube “It Girl” won’t be stopping her fashion game any time soon.

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2. Quenlin Blackwell

Following the trend of Internet stars-turned-fashionistas, we have Quenlin Blackwell, the “Queen of Tik Tok,” who also happens to have a sizable Instagram following. She got her start at 14 years old, posting short videos on Vine under the username Quensadilla where she had 500k followers. Now, seven years later, she’s not only active on social media but she’s also on her music game. She recently released her first single entitled Save Me Now.

This multi-talented influencer also makes waves sporting fashion-forward trends on Insta. This Barbie-girl-esque two-piece set screams “iconic Instagram fashion influencer”:

Quen’s account is on a slight downward trend, while her engagement rate is 12.74%. 82.50% of her audience is female, with 45.27% of her audience between the ages of 18 and 24. 75.47% of her audience is from the United States.

3. Abisola Omole

Based in London, Abisola Omole (or abimarvel, according to her Instagram followers) is not only an Instagram fashion influencer but also a CEO. In 2012 she launched The Apartment, which has since become a digital creative agency.

Since 2017, three more companies, Arva, Studio Arva, and Fole Studio have been launched under The Apartment Global Group Umbrella. Within these companies, Abisola holds the positions of Creative Director and Brand Director. She is also Beauty Editor at Large of a mixed-media publication called CUBICLE. Abisola is also a contributor to Harper’s Bazaar.

In a very aesthetic Instagram Reel, Abisola models a flowing summer mini dress while voicing over a montage of her in the city.

92.80% of her followers are women, with 44.67% between the ages of 25 and 34. Most of her followers are located in the United Kingdom, followed closely by a sizable population in the United States. Abisola’s account has a neutral trending analysis with an engagement rate of 1.18%.  

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Quannah Chasinghorse

20-year-old model Quannah Chasinghorse is proud of her Han Gwich’in and Oglala Lakota heritage. Quannah appeared at the 2021 and 2022 Met Galas, proudly displaying her Indigenous identity.

Her 2022 outfit especially highlighted the jewelry made by Blackfeet/Cree artist Lenise Omeasoo. Quannah said in an Instagram post that the materials were “Earth Elements that [her] people used for millennia, Dentalium shells, Porcupine quills, and Tanned/Smoked hide.” She went on to share that, “the beadwork included Tipis and traditional colors, to make [her] feel less alone and in a way surrounded by [her] community.”

Outside of being an Instagram fashion influencer, Quannah posts photos from various photoshoots (including a shoot in her hometown) or engaging in activism as a Climate Warrior and Land Protector.

Quannah’s account has an incredibly high 10.81% engagement rate. 80.43% of her followers are women, with 35.25% of them ages 25-34. Most of her followers are from the United States, followed by Canada.

Wendy Nguyen

Based in New York, Wendy Nguyen is not only a millennial fashionista navigating motherhood, but she’s also an influencer with a story, and it’s one she’s determined to tell.

“Life Lately,” according to her Instagram Reels, has been a lot about taking care of her 4-month-old daughter (how cute!) while sporting classically adorable mommy-daughter fits, but there’s more to her brand than first meets the eye.

Her own website is not only focused on fashion, but she also has a blog (and a series of four Instagram posts) where she is open and vulnerable about being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, as well as sharing her experience in the foster system. Wendy says: “by sharing my story, I’m closer to feeling free than ever before.”

Wendy uses her platform among Instagram fashion influencers to connect with and empower survivors of sexual assault, as well as those impacted by the juvenile justice system. In 2015, she established Wendy’s Lookbook Foundation which aids young adults impacted by the juvenile justice system by providing emergency housing, and medical, educational, and financial support.

Wendy writes, “for as long as I can, I will fight for those in the system and support those in and out of foster care, and young people who are currently and formerly incarcerated.”

Wendy’s account has a trending analysis of neutral with an engagement rate of 1.04%. 78.39% of her followers are female, while 41.34% of her followers are between the ages of 25 and 34. Most of her audience is from the United States, followed by Brazil.

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