Top 10 Micro Influencers on Instagram

Looking for a way to increase your brand awareness, visibility, and engagement? Start with these 10 micro influencers on IG.

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March 31, 2022

As more and more businesses turn to market through social media, advertising dollars have inflated significantly. Looking for a great way to increase your brand awareness, visibility, and engagement? Start today with these amazing micro influencers on Instagram covering a wide variety of industries.

Did you know that micro influencers have a much higher conversion rate than larger influencers? You can expect a 20% higher conversion rate from these top 10 micro influencers compared to your celebrity influencer, such as Kylie Jenner.

Top 10 Instagram Micro Influencers

1. Alina Gavrilov

  • Fashion

Alina Gavrilov is one of the top fashion micro-influencers with a social reach of 101K. She’s based in New York and turned a passion for stylish blazers and 9-5 outfits into a blog to share her easy style with the world.  

2. William Bryant

  • Fashion

William Bryant, a.k.a. Trey Bryant, is one of the top micro-influencers with a focus on men’s fashion, grooming, and lifestyle. He was able to put all his knowledge in fashion to good use when he created a fashion and lifestyle page on Instagram to inspire and teach black men how to dress well and have confidence in their style.

3. Eleanor Pendleton

  • Beauty

Eleanor Pendleton is the founder and editor of Gritty Pretty, Australia’s leading online beauty publication that covers all things beauty, fashion, and interior inspiration. She’s the multi-awarded health and beauty journalist who’s collaborated with distinguished beauty brands such as Estee Lauder, La Prairie, Mecca, Hunter Lab, and Chanel among others.  

4. Raoul Alejandre

  • Beauty

Raoul Alejandre, California native and makeup artist, strongly believes in holistic beauty. He is a rising star in the styling niche due to many creative partnerships.

5. Prakriti Varshney

  • Travel

Prakriti Varshney is a wanderer from New Delhi with her heart set on living life in the mountains. Prakriti runs a blog where she shares her travel experiences, love for fashion, and vegan lifestyle.

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6. Dan Carter

  • Travel

From the spectacular landscapes of Finland to the beautiful citizens of Africa, Dan Carter is an outstanding professional photographer with a passion for traveling.

7. Nick Neves

  • 61.1K follower
  • Food

Nick Neves a.k.a. Dad Beets, is a SAVEUR Blog Awards Winner for Best Food Instagram. He is known for inspiring people through his experimental and authentic cooking. His photos will leave you drooling and hungry.

8. Lindsay Cotter

  • Food

Lindsay Cotter, an AASDN Certified Nutrition Specialist from Austin, Texas, created Cotter Crunch as a nutrition resource for athletes. Her fitness recipes, many gluten-free, have been showcased in Dr. Axe, Shape magazine, Fitness magazine, Men’s Health, and more.

9. Deanna Di Carlo

  • Fitness

Deanna Carlo is a Canadian fitness instructor living in sunny Florida. Her Instagram shows her evolution from a party girl to a holistic, confident fitness guru promoting self-love and authenticity instead of hard-cord diets.  

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10. Richie Norton

  • Fitness

Richie Norton, a former rugby player, found his strength through mobility after several injuries. He is now a world-renowned yogi, sharing his meditations, breathing techniques, and yoga practices to inspire others around him.  

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