Top 6 Ways to Partner with Influencers

Find 6 creative ways to partner with influencers through social media platforms and other channels.

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April 4, 2022

Find the right influencer to promote your brand is a difficult task, but navigating a partnership with influencers can be even harder. Every brand is different, hence, tailoring your partnership is imperative to yield success.

Marketing is all about creativity and shattering the status quo! Don’t fall for the typical influencer marketing tactics that your audiences have tired of. Collaborate with your influencer to come up with fresh, innovative ways to engage audiences and represent your product.

We have come up with 6 exciting ways to partner with your influencer that aren’t your average, run of the mill product placement.

6 Ways to Partner with Your Influencer  

1. Guest Blogging/Podcast

This is an amazing option for brand and companies that heavily invest in developing content appropriate to their target audiences with well established blogs, podcast, YouTube channel, etc. Invite your influencer to write a guest blog, host a guest podcast, film a YouTube video in your content niche. It will increase exposure, brand association to the influencer, and generate more content for your SEO and keyword rankings.  

2. Social Media ‘Takeovers’

If the product or brand is used in an everyday setting, this option might be a fit. This tactic entails the influencer appearing on your social media channel for a day or special holiday weekend. They can create fun posts, videos, and stories using your products and showcasing their everyday lives.

Ensure there is a high level of trust between the brand and influencer, and this requires sharing important passwords and access.

A doctor taking over Goop’s social media accounts

3. Long-term ambassadors

Rapper LilYachty partnering with Beats by Dre

This tactic requires the largest commitment from your influencer as they might be promoting your brand for several months, a year, or longer! Extended periods of influencer marketing lead to very successful results as they become the “face” of your brand and association highly increases with time. It keeps their audience retained due to repetition of posting, and allows for more versatile displays of your products.

4. Events

Looking to keep your influencer engaged and give them lots of content to post about? Invite them to a brand event, they can co-host, sponsor, or just attend. Whether it's a red carpet, fashion week, or musical festival, make sure the experience is one they won’t forget. Give them lots of portable opportunities with your brand logo and products.

5. Competitions and giveaways

Everyone loves FREE! This partnership can be a win-win for you and your influencer. These posts keep the influencer’s fans engaged and excited about a brand. A typical giveaway or competition will require fans to follow the brand’s post, like the photo, and submit an Instagram story or post of the giveaway.

BeachWaver holding a giveaway through a influencer’s Instagram

6. Reviews

A common influencer marketing method is offering your product or service to the influencer for free in exchange for a review on their social media. If done authentically, these can have a great impact on the influencer’s audience and yield great success.

An influencer reviewing her morning routine products

Keep these 6 tactics in mind as you strategize the various ways to navigate your partnership with influencers. Let your marketing goals guide you, and don’t be afraid to be creative!

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