Top Crypto Influencers to Follow in 2022

Check out and follow the top crypto influencers to figure out the next cryptocurrency that might be going to moon.

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April 4, 2022

In a world where content is created and consumed constantly, how can individuals know whether the information they absorb is worth remembering? Do influencers have too much influence? What does this all look like in a volatile market like the cryptocurrency market? After all, people are just posting pictures online, so it can’t be that serious… Right?

Are Influencers Trustworthy?

With the rise of influencers and the creator economy, the world has witnessed the exponential rise of individuals into celebrity-like fame just overnight. To capture such fame and popularity, many individuals have fallen into the practice of chasing “clout”, causing them to do absolutely anything to become the next top influencer.

This reality is the same with cryptocurrency influencers as well. After all, retail investors make up so much of the market, and history has proven what a communal joint effort can do - even against big institutions. For example, in 2021 as experienced with the Gamestop short-squeeze, millions of retail investors rallied behind the joint effort to pump Gamestop’s stock. In a matter of days, the stock jumped over 800% and many individuals made fortunes throughout the process.

Similarly, many influencers have the power and following to drive many cryptocurrency tokens by bringing together demand. Oftentimes, they do this by hyping up coins with a low market capitalization that can have exponential rises from moderate amounts of investments. An example of this can be witnessed through meme tokens like “Squid Game” which came out shortly after the hit Korean drama, mimicking the idea of winner-take-all. In just the matter of 3 days, the coin shot up 1000x before plummeting back down to 3 cents.

Graph of cryptocurrency “Squid Game” that rose from about 9 cents to 90 dollars in 3 days
Via Coinmarketcap

Instances like this bring about extremely high risk. But, high risk comes with high reward, and it is definitely possible to come out profiting by following influencer opinions. We recommend that you conduct your own research, of course, before investing in anything people market to you.

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Recommended Influencers to Follow

With that said, there are a lot of influencers out there that do provide useful advice, which can help with the research process. Here are some of our personal recommendations on crypto investors that provide a lot of educational materials to help you choose the right crypto investments.

1. Ben Cowen

Ben Cowen is the CEO of Into the Cryptoverse and an acclaimed investor in the community. He provides quantitative-based analysis through YouTube videos and his personal website.

2. Blockchain Backer

Blockchain Backer is a cryptocurrency trader that has a strong following of individuals. Known for his technical trading skills and analysis of the market based on current events, ongoing legal cases, and comparisons to prior market events.

3. BitBoy Crypto

Bitboy Crypto is one of the most popular and earliest cryptocurrency YouTubers in the market. Known for making millions of dollars from his early Bitcoin investment, BitBoy Crypto shares knowledge about specific coins and the state of the market through constant video uploads.

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