Top Fitness Influencers

These top fitness influencers are bringing every kind of workout and lifestyle to their pages in order to inspire us to move.

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July 13, 2022

The fitness industry is large and getting larger. The market size of the fitness industry overall was well over 150 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow even more in the coming years. Though the pandemic closed indoor fitness gyms and clubs, that didn’t mean that people stopped worrying about their personal health and fitness. Instead, we saw the top fitness influencers emerge online, home workouts become regular, and more people invest in their personal fitness lifestyle than ever before.

Having a go-to fitness resource for consumers to follow and engage with is an important part of building their health and wellness ecosystem that includes the essential ingredients of support and direction.

Within the broad world of fitness, we know there are many subsets of priorities and systems, and we also know that each consumer’s personal goals must align with the sources they follow. As we dive into some of the top fitness influencers across popular social media platforms, we are sure that you will be able to find one (or two or three) of them that you’re able to glean from in meeting your own fitness goals.

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1. Joe Wicks - YouTube

  • Subscribers: 2.8M
  • Average views: 13.9K
  • Average likes: 284
  • Engagement rate: 1.53%

This home workout channel is hosted by personal trainer Joe Wicks. He started handing out flyers to local train passengers to join him at the park for group workouts and has since written several books (selling millions of copies combined), launched online boot camps, and developed the successful Body Coach App.

Wicks is an excellent choice for your fitness guide as he is committed to helping his followers feel healthier and happier without upsetting their already busy lives.

2. Jennifer Tavernier – TikTok

  • Followers: 1M
  • Average views: 12.2K
  • Average likes: 826
  • Engagement rate: 6.9%
@minneninja Just as effective if it challenges you💪🏼🖤 Let’s work those abs!!! #beginner #modification #abs #abworkout ♬ Elastic - Joey Purp

Tavernier was a contestant on American Ninja Warrior in 2018. Since then her popularity has continued to rise. Originally from the state of Minnesota, Tavernier has always been passionate about fitness. As you get to know her better and watch her content, you will quickly see that she is excellent at taking her fitness routines with her anywhere she goes and encouraging you to do the same.

She also values motherhood, as you see her and her child working out and exercising together often. With no shortage of content and videos coaching her followers through workouts, Tavernier is a talented trainer giving personalized advice and exercises that are easy to apply.

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3. Caleb Marshall - YouTube

  • Subscribers: 3.99M
  • Average views: 424K
  • Average likes: 13.2K
  • Engagement rate: 3.5%

Marshall is fast, energetic, fun, and undoubtedly one of the top fitness influencers when it comes to the world of dance. Even if you aren’t into dance fitness, you won’t be able to help but smile and burn the calories while watching his channel. He says that he grew up inspired by everything Brittany Spears, so he now incorporates all the biggest and newest hits into his videos.

While attending Indiana University, Marshall began to teach hip-hop classes to fellow students and fell in love with the community of dance and fitness. What’s more amazing, Marshall incorporates creativity and entertainment into every routine. With jokes, his friends and fiancé, and fearless efforts to show and share his life, we forget we are even working out when joining his classes on YouTube.

4. Gemma Atkinson – Instagram

  • Followers: 1.8M
  • Average likes: 15.6K
  • Average comments: 128
  • Engagement rate: 0.87%

Atkinson is a former glamour model and actress (she played Lisa Hunter on the British soap opera Hollyoaks and three separate Hollyoaks spinoffs, among others), she now spends her time as a mother and one of the top fitness influencers.

Atkinson is the author of The Ultimate Body Plan and the founder of the business built around the book. She can regularly be found posting exercise videos and showing how she includes her daughter while still making exercise a priority. Atkinson was pivotal in changing the popular opinion about working out while pregnant and still regularly supports that cause.

5. Massy Arias – Instagram

  • Followers: 2.7M
  • Average likes: 32.5K
  • Average comments: 865
  • Engagement rate: 1.22%

Arias is a huge inspiration to her followers and deserves to be checked out by everyone. She is a personal trainer who was born in the Dominican Republic and now dedicates herself to showcasing a healthy lifestyle.

She has been extremely influential in the mental health space and its relation to personal health. Arias struggled with mental health over the years and always shared with her followers to raise awareness and find solutions.

Wrap Up

There you have it, these are just a few of the internet's favorite top fitness influencers. With several different workout styles, personal stories, and methods of sharing their fitness advice, we are sure you will find someone you will connect with and will help along your fitness journey, too.

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Blog by Philip Murray