Top Home Decor Instagram Influencers

Home decor Instagram influencers extend their reach across countries, and their style choices provide art and comfort.

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June 2, 2022

Most of us have at least one place that we call home, though not all homes look alike. A glimpse into another person’s abode can be a powerful way to ground and unify an audience. We’ve created a list of the top 5 home decor Instagram influencers you should follow today.

For those who have binge-watched every show on HGTV or killed hours by casually perusing antique shops and furniture stores, these accounts are sure to make you smile. Our list of home decor Instagram influencers features those whose accounts have enjoyed a follower growth rate of 10% or more in the past 6 months.

In this list, we have also focused on influencers whose accounts showcase their own designs in a blog or vlog format. So accounts that primarily feature the designs of other people are not included here.

Why You Should Follow Home Decor Instagram Influencers

While they vary in size, shape, location, and material composition, our homes share the primary characteristics of housing families and nurturing souls. Home decor is a persistent niche that has truly withstood the test of time.

Even in ancient civilizations, including Egypt and Greece, furniture was a prominent part of the culture for those who could afford it. From wooden chairs and benches to metal bed frames and stone carvings, humans have been crafting decorations for the home for generations.

The following home decor Instagram influencers have mastered the art of uniting strangers around stunning interior designs. These are accounts whose reach extends beyond English-speaking countries, and whose style choices walk the line between art and comfort.

1 Sarah Laming

Sarah Laming (@ahometomakeyousmile) is a wife and mother of two teenagers residing in London, UK. Her passion for interior design and traditional architecture, besides her following of more than 421K as of May 2022, make her #1 on our list of home decor Instagram influencers.

Sarah’s aptly-named account is a haven of bright and heartwarming photos of her maximalist home decor and her two adorable pups. Her account has been growing steadily from month to month. More than 92% of her audience is female, and the majority are between the ages of 18 and 34.

A Home To Make You Smile also boasts an exceptionally high engagement rate of 13.34%, with just over 21% of her followers in the United States and the rest split between countries throughout Europe, South America, and Asia.

2 Viktoria Askerow

Viktoria Askerow (@tthese_beautiful_thingss) is a stylist and make-up artist based in Berlin, Germany. On top of her full-time career, Viktoria is a home decor Instagram influencer with more than 321K followers. She’s also raising three children, so she’s a mom influencer on Instagram, as well.

Soft white color schemes and elegant design pieces give Viktoria’s page a peaceful aesthetic. The majority of her followers are located in Germany, with some in London and the U.S. as well. Her engagement rate is slightly higher than average, at 1.86%.

Since she started her account in 2017, Viktoria has seen a steady growth from month to month. Nearly 92% of her audience members are female, and 44.6% are between the ages of 25 and 34, with the next-highest percentile between ages 35 and 44.

3 Sarah von Heugel

Sarah von Heugel (@haus_tannenkamp) is a photographer and interior designer based in Hamburg, Germany. She recently published a book of interior designs, “Skandinavisch Wohen” (Live Scandinavian), and has been a home decor Instagram influencer since 2018.

With more than 293K followers, and gaining more every month, Sarah’s account is a modern designer's blissful daydream. Neutral colors and soft textures meet natural wood and red brick in her designs. More than 30% of her audience is located in Germany, but she does have followers in countries throughout Europe and other regions, including the U.S.

Of the home decor Instagram influencers on this list, she has the highest percentage of male followers: 8.1%. Still, her audience is 91.89% women, of which more than 40% are between the ages of 25 and 35, and 18- to 24-year-olds are her next largest age demographic.

4. Evi of DekoHus

Evi “DekoHus” (@dekohus) is a blogger and home decor Instagram influencer and mother of two residing in Berlin, Germany. She keeps her more than 284K followers entertained with demonstration videos of creative, whimsical decorations.

With an above-average engagement rate of 2.38%, Evi’s account, like @haus_tannenkamp, focuses on Scandinavian-style designs. Her Instagram page has been growing consistently, and more than 96% of her audience is female.

Most of her followers are 25 or older — with more than 31% between 25 and 34 years old, and more than 27% between 35 and 44 years old. The majority of her audience is based in Europe, with more than 50% of her followers located in Germany.

5 Rebecca Hill

Rebecca Hill (@homesweethome_at_23) is a blogger and brand ambassador residing in the UK. She has amassed more than 180K loyal followers since she started her page.

As the youngest of our Home Decor Instagram Influencers, Rebecca dedicates her page to upbeat reels and photos showcasing her home. Creams and chromatic grays balance with modern furniture designs in each room of her home.

Her rising follower base also has an unusually high engagement rate of 11.5%, and more than 92% of her followers are women. Nearly half of those followers — 47.66% — are between the ages of 25 and 34, while more than 19% are aged 18 to 24.

More than 56% of her audience are based in the UK, with the majority located in London. She also has followers in various other countries, with just over 10% living in the U.S.

Honor the niche

It’s worth noting that Home Decor Instagram Influencers are generally trending down at the time of this blog’s publication. Still, there are numerous influencers with hundreds of thousands of loyal, engaged audience members and a diverse cultural appeal.

The Instagram influencers on this list have all clearly learned the value of honing their niche. Each of them also demonstrates, by example, how influencer marketing is sweeping the world.

Each account captures, in its own unique and entertaining way, the essence of the rooms it features. It’s a testament to the creators’ passion for the craft. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these ladies.

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