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Creator Attributes




Recent Posts

Displays the creator's most recent posts inside Tensor.

Commercial Posts

Top Posts

Shows the creator's top posts from their account inside Tensor.

Similar Users

Shows creator lookalikes that have similar content and metrics.

Relevant Tags

Displays a list of similar topics based off the creator's posts, hashtags, and mentions. (Features relevant keywords, trends, and sayings affiliated to the creator)


Shows the creator's interests based off their posts, hashtags, and mentions. (Separated into over 28+ categories)

Luxury goods, jewelry and watches

Brand Affinity

Displays brands the creator is associated with through posts, hashtags, and mentions.

Adidas, Apple, Sephora

Top Mentions

Most frequently used mentions in the creator's past 30 posts


Top Hashtags

Displays the most frequently used hashtags the creator used in the past 30 days



Shows the creator's contact information.

Paid Post Performance

Stat History

Avgerage Views

Displays the average sum of views in the last 30 days.

10.9M Average Views

Average Comments

Displays the average sum of comments in the last 30 days.

29.5k Average Likes

Average Likes

Displays the average sum of likes in the last 30 days.

2.2M Average Likes

Engagement Rate

Displays the creator's engagement rate. (The engagement rate is the average likes divided by followers)

Engagement rate of 0.82%


Displays the total amount of engagements, characterized by likes, comments, and shares depending on the platform.

20,443 total engagements on a recent post


Shows the language of the creator

English / French


Shows the age group of the creator. (The age range the creator falls into)

Kylie Jenner is in the (25-34) range


Shows the gender of the creator.



Shows if the company is a business profile.


Shows if the creator is verified on their social platform.

Full Name

The creator's full name.

Kylie Jenner


The creator's profile picture.


The creator's URL to their socials.



The username of the creator.


Audience Attributes




Notable Users

Find a list of notable users that follow the creator being viewed. (Notable users consist of accounts with significantly high follower accounts, generally other creators)

The highest notable user that follows Beyonce is Cristiano Ronaldo

Audience Lookalikes

Find audience lookalikes for creators that share a similar audience to the creator being viewed.

An audience lookalike of Selena Gomez is Ariana Grande.

Audience Geo

Find audience demographics based on follower's geological location. (Sorted by countries, states, and cities)

2,960,321 followers located in California / 600,202 followers located in San Francisco

Audience Interests

Find audience interests separated into various categories such as sports, clothes, travel, music, toys, fitness, art, and many more. (Over 28+ interest categories divided into follower totals, audience percentages, and total likes)

654,000 followers interested in travel, tourism, and aviation.

Audience Brand Affinity

Find audience brand affinities with information including which brand, how many followers are interested, and total likes of each affinity. (Audience brand affinities are sourced by analyzing captions, mentions, hashtags, and location tags)

6.62% of followers have a strong affinity for Nike

Audience Ethnicities

Find the percentage of followers from various ethnic groups.

22,000 African American followers

Audience Ages

Find the age of followers divided into age groups. (13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-64, and 65+)

67,000 Followers (18-24) years of age

Audience Genders

Find the percentage of followers that are male or female. (Includes percentage, total followers, and respective likes by each gender)

520,330 Female Followers

Credibility Class

Audience data is sorted into tiers to reflect their overall credibility ranking. (Credibility tiers are sorted by bad, low, normal, high, and best credibility based off their overall percentage)

Bad - Low percentage of credible followers / Best - High percentage of credible followers

Audience Credibility

Find the percentage of credible users in the total audience. (Measures what percentage of the audience are genuine accounts by tracking avatars, bios, posts, and following ratios to find percentage of credible accounts)

74.25% Credible Followers

Notable Users Ratio

Find the percentage of followers that have a larger number of followers (i.e how many influencers are following this account)

5,560 Notable Followers

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